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March 18, 2009, 10:18 am
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Every action in this physical dimension has a corresponding influence in the Upper Worlds. In truth, both worlds are actually one reality; they are like reflections in a mirror. What you do down here causes what will be in the future by the providence that is aroused above.

We have learned that when the Holy One, blessed be He, created the universe, He made the lower world after the pattern of the Supernal World, and MADE the one correspond to the other. EVERY DETAIL IN THE LOWER WORLD HAS A COUNTERPART IN THE UPPER WORLD. And He is its Glory, both above and below.

“Thus says Ae”l , Yhv”h (God), He that created the heavens, and stretched them out; He that spread forth the earth, and that which comes out of it; He that gives Neshamah ( Divine intellectual Soul, also ‘breath’) to the people upon it, and Ruach (Emotional soul-spirit) to them that walk therein” (Yeshayah 42:5). The soul of life comes out into the land. The land receives the soul and issues it to all, She receives and distributes to all MEN WHO ARE WORTHY OF HER.

In the Bible in its original language “Hebrew” are 5 words for soul, as the soul has to it 5 basic levels. With in each level of the soul are many aspects revealed according to a man’s merit.

Come and behold: when the Holy One, blessed be He, created Adam, he gathered his dust from the four directions of the world. He created him on the site of the Lower Temple. Then drew upon him the soul of life from the Upper Temple.

This “life from the Upper Temple” is the secret of the level of the soul called “Neshamah ( Divine intellectual Soul, also ‘breath’).

The soul consists of three main levels the Supernal Secret, Nefesh, Ruach, and Neshamah. The Nefesh (animal soul), is the lowest of them all. The Ruach (Emotional soul-spirit) is its sustenance. It rules over the Nefesh, being of a higher grade. The Neshamah (( Divine intellectual Soul) is the supreme existence–NAMELY, THE LIGHT OF DIVINE UNDERSTANDING. It reigns over all, being a holy grade superior to the RUACH AND NEFESH. The three grades, NEFESH, RUACH, AND NESHAMAH, are included within men, who attain them by serving their Master. Thus first, man has a Nefesh with which to be corrected. But when he is intent on purification through this grade, man is corrected and crowned with a Ruach, the holy grade that dwells on the Nefesh, with which the deserving man is adorned. When he is elevated by Nefesh and Ruach and attains correction through proper service to his Master, Neshamah, a supernal, holy grade that reigns over everything, dwells on him so that he may be adorned by the highest holy grade and be perfect in everything, on all sides, and thereby merit the world to come. He is then beloved of the Holy One, blessed be He, as it is written: “That I may cause those who love me to inherit substance” (Proverbs 8:21). “…those who love me” refers to those in whom the Neshamah ( Divine intellectual Soul) abides.

Few men attain this level. With a Neshamah a man serves God with his Nefesh (animal soul). Thus with his body he works to do what the God wants and abstains from what he dislikes. By the powers of his Ruach (Emotional soul-spirit) his actions are enlivened with the love of God from the emotions of his heart. All this is further enlivened by his Neshamah ( Divine intellectual Soul) whose understandings excite his Ruach (Emotional soul-spirit) heart and Nefesh (animal soul) like flames of fire in his service of God. Which includes all his actions.

Rabbi Yehuda asked: why is it written, “all in whose nostrils was the breath of life perished…” (before the flood)(Genesis 7:22). From all those in whom there was a holy Neshamah, none–such as Enoch or Yered, or the other righteous Ones–remained to protect the earth so it would not be destroyed in their merit. This is the meaning of, “all in whose nostrils was the breath (lit. ‘Neshamah‘) of life, of all that was on the dry land, died”–they all had already died and departed from the world, and no one remained then to protect the world.


The three levels of the soul – Neshama, Ruach and Nefesh correspond to three times – past, present and future. Similarly, our Temple consisted of these three levels. The Holy of Holies corresponded to the brain. The Heichal had a small altar, on which incense was burned. This corresponded to the middle part of the body, where the lungs are situated, cooresponds to the Ruach. The outside part had the big altar on which blood was sprinkled and fats were burned, corresponding to the lower body.


Most people merit only to work on the fixing and growth of their Nefesh (animal soul), in a whole life time. They require other lives (incarnations) to merit higher levels of the soul, if they so merit to the opportunity.

The soul level of Ruach is masculine and embodies the power of memory. So The word for “zachar ” (male) is related to the verb “ zachor” (remember ).




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