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Israel owns the Golan
February 3, 2009, 10:14 am
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After making acquisitions in various places west of the Jordan, Baron Rothschild turned his attention to buying land east of the Jordan, on the Golan. Toward the end of 1891 a certain Ahmed Pasha made it known that some 120,000 dunam of prime land in the triangle formed by the Yarmuk and the Allane rivers were up for sale at the bargain price of around 1.5 franc per dunam, provided that the sale was made “en bloc,” i.e., for the total area. There followed intensive discussions among various Jewish groups interested in the offer, among them groups in Russia, New York and London. The Baron agreed to cover the whole cost of the purchase.

Since the Baron was always keen to preserve his anonymity, he arranged for the deeds to be registered in the name of Emile Frank, the Representative of Alliance Israelite in Beirut. The plan called for the Russian group, under Ekaterinoslav, to take 25,000 dunam and the Americans also 25,000, with other holders taking the balance. But since these groups did not come up with the money, it fell to the Baron to become the owner of the major part of the Golan Purchase.

When the Baron died in 1934, 80,000 dunam on the Golan were owned by the Rothschild company, PICA (Palestine Jewish Colonization Association). The land had been registered in the name of PICA in 1929. The Syrian government – Syria was then practically a French colony – tried in the 1940s to confiscate the land but failed. In 1957, the son of Baron Edmonde, Baron James de Rothschild (1878 – 1957), as one of his last acts in his life, transferred the deeds to the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemet) and from there to the Land Office of Israel. All deeds and other documents were transferred to Israel’s Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The archaeology of the Golan has, over the years, yielded a wealth of information on the Jewish ownership of the area since biblical days. In the Tenach the area is called Golan or Bashan. It was promised to Abraham and later became part of the tribe of Menasche by Moses’ division of the Land. Many events and battles took place in and around the Golan. Famous sites, including the fortress of Gamla and the Jewish town of Qasrin, were situated on the Golan. Ruins of some 25 synagogues, built during the centuries after the destruction of the Temple, have been excavated, some of them with magnificent mosaic inscriptions testifying to the uninterrupted Jewish presence on the Golan until the Middle Ages. In modern times, the Turkish government settled some Russians (Cecassians) there, since no one had lived on the Golan for centuries.

It is surprising that Israel has never brought up the legal Jewish rights to the Golan and, instead, has wrangled for years with the current Syrian government for the “return” of the Golan to Syria; while in reality, Jews have had title to it for over 100 years.

In January 1996, the business magazine section of the Tel Aviv-based
daily newspaper Globes published a four part series revealing a profoundly important fact that was unexplainably ignored: Israel has legal title over a large chunk of the Golan Heights and Western Syria.
In the 1890s, Baron Rothschild purchased 20,000 acres of Syrian land
owned by the Ottoman empire. In 1942, the Syrian government illegally

confiscated the land. on the location of the Rothschild land. Some of the land is in the Golan but most is in the Horan, in Syria itself.