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Concerning Christianity
January 27, 2009, 3:37 pm
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This is part of a letter concerning Christianity and Judaism

The God hears every ones heart and their prayers, but there are different paths.

It is good you wrote “by that logic, j. c. is irrelevant,” since it provides the opportunity to explain: That the way through death is eternal is evidence that the particular is who he seems to have said he was, the “son of God”–whatever this means. It is also relevant since this same salvation is visible to many through the gospel or the story of his life, death and resurrection.

What I mean by “irrelevant” is that its just not needed. As you have seen so far in the Bible in its description of the messianic revelation, he plays no part. The story is about the nation of Isreal, then the nations of the world. Not jc the nations and no Isreal or the replaced Isreal. It can’t fit the text in a “straight” way. Also the direct way is best right to Yhv”h. . If j. c is not what some say he was then its all definitely “irrelevant”, but God still sees. He knows all. If its possible to connect directly to God would it not be better ? Joshua said :

“But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the Torah, which Moses the servant of Yhv”h charged you, to love Yhv”h Elohech”a, and to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments, and to cleave to him, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.” , now this I call good advise you do whats written here and all certianly will be well.

I have heard it explained that Christians believe that man and the world are so evil that they believe that by their actions it is impossible to transform the world or ourselves. Because of “original sin”. Thus they make the commandments of God in the bible “irrelevant” by thinking humans can not possibly change their evil nature or that of the world. Thus god had to send his son to die for the worlds sins as atonement.

To start with the man they call J.c – Yoshua could not possibly have believed that the commandments of God in the bible “irrelevant” thinking humans can not possibly change their evil nature or that of the world. He did the commandments of God. Its not a Torah thought that that the world is beyond hope. This foundation is against every thing the Torah teaches and against human logic. There is no doubt we can help individuals with acts of kindness and we can fight to uphold justice and righteousness in the world. Where did they ever get this idea the world God created is hopeless ? No Jewish sage ever believed anything like that.

Then what a “strange thing” they next substititute J.c for the Torah itself. Their major preoccupation with Torah involves imaginining find so illusion to Jc in it.., and it seems faith in J.c replaces good deeds for the closeness to god for salvation. It does seem to direct its followers against doing evil, but does not chase after the commandments of the Torah which are good, but abandoned them. None of this is Torah. Where it came from I’m not sure.

Torah has a altogether different position. Even if sin is a part of life, it does not dominate our outlook. The Torah teaches not sin, but a person is in control of his life. We learn from the Torah that the primary problem that we have to deal with in our life is not that of “evil”, but that of being neutral. The Torah’s solution to this problem are the (commandments) “mitzvoth”, which literally means attachment. By the commandments God has given us the ability to make the neutral Holy. To us it is the worst heresy to deny man and the world hope of a future. Surrendering belief in man’s potential goodness leads only to despair, helplessness and hopelessness. The premise of Christianity that man is essentially depraved and sinful. Needing to be saved is as far as you can get from Torah though. The Torah tells us man was created in God’s image, it is possible to bring forth the Divine from within you, and the Divine in other men. There is always the opportunity to do a “Mitzvah” (Biblical commandment).

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The vatican and catholicism is NOT the “church.” “Christianity” the religion, is a far bastard political child. Order from Chaos is brought about by false prophets. Believers in Jesus Christ revere true Jews, and understand many things. Just a reminder. We children of the most high God wish not to be affiliated with empirical ghosts.

Comment by Guy Heller

Another thought…Mary may have given birth to Jesus Christ, but her humanist divinity is inherited from a true enemy of God…Isis. Mary served her Messiah, and is merely a woman of repute, but Catholic paganism espouses that Madonna is Mother of God. Such is detestable and steals the generative nature of The Most High God. Just another piece of information for apologetic sake, but I appreciate any good research. Nice work.

Comment by Guy Heller

Your mistaken in that Catholicism is Christianity.The Catholic church or Universal Church is a political compromise from Constantine of Rome. He needed to unify the empire because of the growing rise of christianity, which heavily conflicted with the recycled polytheistic pagan religions from Babylon.
The outcome resulted in a synchronization of Paganism and the gospel which allows the world access to the God of Israel.
They changed the sabbath, the changed the passover to easter/ishtar and tried to make Mary into Semeremis, Nimrods wife, the queen of heaven, even to the point of giving Mary receiving messiah status. They have a leader called the Pope=papa=The Father= God.

Your culture is built with a preconceived stance on Jesus and I can understand that.

But you cannot compare Followers of Jesus, with Catholicism who gave Jesus a bad name…

turn the other cheek, forgive your enemies, if someone steals your shirt, give him your coat….

Those attributes do not align with the actions and teachings of the church of Rome, an extension of the Roman empire.

Comment by Gordon

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