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The people of MARS
January 15, 2009, 10:09 am
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Man on Mars: The image appears to show a man walking down a hill

Images beamed back from Mars would suggest so – although to sceptics, it could just be an odd-shaped rock. Nasa’s Mars Explorer Spirit sent back images from the surface of the Red Planet four years ago, and there was initial disappointment among scientists that they lacked any signs of life.

But space and science fiction enthusiasts were convinced there was more than meets the eye, and after years of studying the images, have found what appears to be an alien figure walking downhill.

The image, taken by Nasa’s Mars Explorer Spirit, seems to show a figure on the surface of the red planet.

However the more sceptical have decided that it is just a rock.

At first astronomers were disappointed with pictures sent back from the surface of the Red Planet by the six-wheel robot four years ago.

But a space fan spotted the figure, which was just a pinprick in the original photograph. It was blown up and posted on a website.

One stargazer writes on the site: “My first thought – it’s Big Foot! If you show me another rock in another photo from Mars or Earth that naturally looks like that, I will reconsider.”

Another said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked and saw what appears to be a naked alien running around on Mars.”

Experts say that if the planet once had surface water, there was the potential to support life.

Analysis of soil showed it contained 90% silica – a concentration only likely to have formed when water is present.

But as to whether there are likely to be aliens moving around, opinion is clearly divided.

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