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The guide part 10- Mouse eating
January 5, 2009, 6:53 pm
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We need to set boundaries upon our desires so that we desire only permissible things. The rest is out of the picture and as inconceivable as a king wanting his son to marry a thieving harlot. Rebbenu Bachyah teaches that one may train himself through abstinence to see things that are forbidden to us but desirable to most, such as eating forbidden foods and improper sexual relations-things people are usually fond of doing-can become no longer a temptation but actually abhorrent to them, as repulsive as eating mice7 -resulting in the total abandonment of desire for and instead disgust of transgression. The hatred of evil is the revelation of the will of Hashem. Ultimately, we must reach the level of soul of man called Yechida. To reveal Yechida one must depart from the corporeal matters that one is immersed in, the most obvious and those hidden from the surface, meditate much upon the Torah, and do acts of tzedakah (charity), thus creating the

6. Duties oj the Heart 2:295.

7. Ibid. 2:315.

Godly feeling of one being drawn to Hashem. But before one can have the reward of this feeling, he must first depart from the corporeal matters that he is immersed in, which are not beneficial.

In identifying these the Malbim teaches that the difference between a pleasure and a tempting desire exists in the fact that the temptation exists even when the object of desire is not present.s It is by the same power that the animal soul is led astray that one may be driven to the opposite perspective. toward holiness. As the animal soul uses the intellect to rationalize temptations of pleasure, so can one be made to see there are pleasures of divine contemplation, as taught by Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn. Just as there is deviation into foolishness so is there also into holiness, and this is reached by recognizing the levels of pleasures. The animal soul recognizes pleasures in deviant behavior and so too will it also recognize pleasures in higher things. For example. a deeper and more lasting pleasure may be found in music than in eating, and a greater pleasure from intellect than from emotional satisfaction alone. Only by recognizing the higher levels of pleasures is one truly a man and not an animal. It is taught by the Malbim that the essence of life is the life of the intellect and serving the Creator. and this is called human life, rather than the life of sense and instinct, which is a life of animals. 9

8. Malbim parsha Bereshith.

9. Malbim parsha Chayah Sarah.

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Are you saying there is a cleanseing process of the spirit or of humanly desires to achieve the knowledge and wisdom of the zohar?Or the divine understanding of the spiritual realm?What is the distinguishable aspect to be worthy of the secrets of the zohar?If that is the case is not kabbalah the half truth of the zohar?If the zohar is more guarded in secrecy than the kabballah then the zohar is to dangerous in the wrong hands.Is this the conclusion?It would say that the Torah is not even at the level of the zohar understanding.

Comment by Edward Kaahui Jr

The Zohar helps instill the love and fear of God in one who learns it with the correct intentions
this is cleansing , yes

Torah is more concealed than the Zohar. All “Torah” is included in the 5 books of Moses which is the Torah, including all Kabballah,

but it is concealed

The real Kaballah that is “dangerous” is not available in English

though if you work hard to understand the Zohar even in English you will draw God’s attention and If one is doing that which is not appropriate
the providence of judgment G-d forbid may be evoked

This is the main danger, other than misunderstanding what one may learn

Also if one is not spiritualy refined they will not understand the the Kabballah of the Zohar

its words are only a vessel for the Kabballah hidden within the must be given to you . You need to recieve it

Comment by godssecret

“though if you work hard to understand the Zohar even in English you will draw God’s attention and If one is doing that which is not appropriate
the providence of judgment G-d forbid may be evoked”

pure narishkeit. Mekubals such as your self tell this to the am haaratzim so they would feel frightened and not delve too deeply into the secrets. heaven forbid that your exalted status as an “enlightened one” would crumble. I will break into your secret group and print the secret books written by the ari and ramhal

Comment by abraham

Not narishkeit at all

the revelation of the Kabballah (to receive) comes down level by level from the highest place

in the moment when “you get it”

the Presence is there

That good

By it one is shown the way

I myself learned the hard way many times

R. Abulafia says ” one will stumble”

its part of it.

I mean to frighten no one, just to let one know what can go on

many look at this stuff and never “get it”

Those who merit to ” get it” will

print the secret books written by the ari and ramchal , more power to you

Comment by godssecret

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