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Update on Military Info
November 20, 2008, 3:27 pm
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Letters going out this week calling up retired commissioned and non commissioned Officers, every single one.
Letters being prepared for ALL retired Warrant Officers and Seargents, called back to active duty to be mailed next week.

the possibilities.

1. WW3, war with China, Russia, or both plus others
2. War with Iran, maybe the same as #1
3. Martial law-civil unrest
4. Major Natural event like a comet striking or the antarctic ice sheet slipping into the ocean creating #3
5. AlCIAda attacking with biological or nuclear devises leading to #3

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the topic, but if it’s true then I think it’s related. I’m currently active duty, but I’m going to be ETS’ing in Jan. I was ordered by what would equal a battalion commander to update my Army life insurance (SGLI) by last friday. I called up my superiors and told them I’m getting out soon and they said I had to do it anyway. It’s probably nothing, but I did find it curious and somewhat out of the blue. Usaully we (meaning my unit) would update that kind of stuff once a year at SRP (Soldier Readines Program). Take it for what you will, but in conjunction with the topic of this thread could point to something more ominous.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the janitor around here, but I sat here one day and watched a video on CNN.com about a Chris Brown, I think, who is now a lawyer and was called back to active duty after a decade or something. It was quickly taken down…I tried to show someone the video that night and it was gone.
This caught my attention as I have been out of the services for quite some time and am afraid of something like this coming down the pike someday…I had a hard enough time keeping up with my fellow Marines back then!

I am military and I haven’t heard anything. But now that you mention it my Commander insisted our unit purchase one of those big silver 40 cup coffee pots for our breakroom the other day. I really thought the 12 cup “Mr Coffee” pot we had was fine for the number of people we have assigned..

I am not military, but I work in Human Resources. I have had to process several USERRA forms for various employees. I did have 2 employees that had not served since the 1st Gulf War…

Reservist activated for overseas deployment

Marlborough – Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Elizabeth A. Lewis has been mobilized and activated for a deployment overseas to a forward operating base in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, anti-terrorism military operations.

Reserve component members from all branches of the U.S. armed forces have been mobilized, activated and deployed along with active duty members to support the war against global terrorism. U.S. troops serve in South and Southwest Asia, Central Asia, the Arabian peninsula, the Horn of Africa, islands in the Pacific, and in numerous other countries.

Lewis, a medic with nine years of military service, is regularly assigned to the 72nd Field Artillery, Fort Dix, Trenton, N.J.

She is a 1988 graduate of Marlborough High School.

One of my friends that has been out for 2 years got recalled last week and they told him he was going to serve 441 days. He was a little overweight so I guess they are giving him time to workout in their base. Not sure if this has anything to do with WW3, but it might have something to do with Obama and Biden’s plan to take away weapons away from civilians and maybe, just maybe a civil war might break out and of course they would be ready with all those older guys being activated to take charge in country while all the fresh meat is in Iraq and Afghanistan

I have a close relative who works for law enforcement. He spoke with me tonight and told me that he needed to speak with me ASAP. He said that he could not speak to me over the phone, via email, or by text messaging, etc. He said that he needed to speak with me in person. He told me that they had been briefed about some major things about to take place, or which they fear are going to take place. He would not tell me the details but said it was very important and crucial that we spoke soon. I asked him, what anybody else would ask him, and he said, “I cannot tell you because they are monitoring everyone right now.” In our conversation, I mentioned seeing him at Thanksgiving time and about me buying a weapon for protection, and he said, “That might be too late.” I asked him, “Are you serious dude?” He said, “We just need to talk very soon, but I can’t talk with you over the phone about any of this. It is pretty scary!” This coincides with what everybody is mentioning on this forum. Everybody seems to feel like something big is going to happen. Better pray more, that’s for sure.

You’re right Anonymous about making the brass happy and all. In my case, I’m on terminal leave and I was told I had to do this, even though in Jan I ETS (Exit the Service). I just updated it back in April. Being a reader of this board and other places, it caused a red flag to go up.

Now, I read that they “might” be calling back retired personnel, something just doesn’t feel right about it. On the other hand, if the country is bankrupt as I think it is, then what’s the point of me updating my life insurance

if they gov’t has no money?

I live 13 miles from Fort Drum ny… Right next to the train rail line.

I can see trains …moving from a distance …and usually watch them (when they go by)

Ok about 1 week ago ….a train went by.. MILITARY.

Funny thing is…this train ..was all medical. all medical! all had the big red crosses and the white background… I NEVER HAVE SEEN SOO MANY MEDICAL TRUCKS AND CARS ETC.. HUNDREDS. AND HUNDREDS.

It was really Unsettling. I know drum has maybe 6000 soilders active on base now….most are overseas.



Something is going down…and they shipped the biggest medical supply trainload Ive ever seen!!!!!!!

I’m new. Name is ……. ( I did not want to put his name, since I copied his post) – but you can see it if you go to the website.

Even with a 40% disability rating and 3 prescription meds, the army is calling me back. Along with this, I’m set to graduate college next semester. I’m bummed. I’ve contacted St. Louis and they seem to want to take their time handling my exemption process. Aside from that process is there anything I can do to avoid going again? I’m suppose to report in Feb, so I have some time to get some stuff together, but I’m not very hopeful. I’m depending on my medical status to help me, but I know the army can waiver anything they please. Anybody have any advice or encouraging suggestions? Thanks

So there may be something to people being called back.

Something is definitely going on at Fort Drum. I figure that as the likely location of last month’s Generals Only Hunting Trip. (Officially they went to the Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid). I figure that because they went out of their way NOT to have the generals land at Fort Drum- the runway at the airport they flew into isn’t really big enough for the 757 they came in on

That little hunting trip just happened to coincide with Colin Powell Joe Biden and Pretty much everyone else saying the stuff was heading for the fan, andBush calling Obama in for a terrorism briefing.

And Fort Drum is home to more than just 10th Mountain. The Field Support Center/Logistics Assistance Office is responsible for the logistics of army units in 9 North-Eastern States Located in Bldg T-124, the Fort Drum Army Field Support Center /Logistics Assistance Office stands ready to assist all supported units within the Nine North East states as they prepare for, conduct and redeploy from training, combat and operations other than war. Comprised of logistic and technical experts (LARs) for all the Army’s war fighting systems, The AFSC provides commanders with a wealth of information and resources that allows them to maintain their assigned systems in a mission ready posture at all times. In my opinion, all signs point to either an unprecedented threat or major false-flag op somewhere in the North East (New York is a traditional favorite).
But enough to warrant a general mobilization? I don’t think anything short of an attack using a persistent or contagious biologic would require that.

Ultimately my feeling is that although something is going on, full mobilization is highly unlikely, if only because it requires congressional approval. There probably will be more IRR callups, but this is probably getting exagerated somewhere in the grapevine.

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