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October 26, 2008, 9:40 am
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To get the most out of the Spiritual path taught here one needs to begin with the writings under the category called “The Guide”. The teachings there make a vessel so that one’s soul can ascend, and work with the meditative practices taught here. From learning  “The Guide” one will become familiar with the terms also that are necessary to access this wisdom.            So Enjoy and Grow !


Go ahead and learn !

October 26, 2008, 9:38 am
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Mysteries of creation from another angle
October 26, 2008, 9:34 am
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KETER The Greeks borrowed from Hebrew “keter”  for their words kitaris or kidaris, meaning a crown or tiara (used by Persian kings), from  Greek it entered Latin as cidaris. This Latin root was used to name a genus of sea urchins –   that look like they are wearing crowns..


The Keter of A”k (Adam Kadmon) is  simple unity. It has no relationship with any Divine names written in the Torah. Out of it unfolds a multitude of aspects. Keter of A”k is a vessel of Ayn Sof. It is as the parchment of the Torah is written on before any letters are inscribed. A”k is before all eminations. From the 10 sefirot of A”k are eminated 10 sefirot of Atzilut. The sefirot of A”k and Atzilut are all renewed completely. Its as lighting one candle as another. “kav Yosher” dresses in A”K. Light decends from A”k to Atzilut. There is a portion of Ayn Soff in A”k and not by “histosholut” (gadual unfolding), but only the Ayn Soff has power to create “yash-miAyin” (Create from nothing). The Ayn Soff renews Atzilut, but to the Ayn Soff there is no changes or renewal. Ayn Sof is will. A”k does have the aspect of vessels but they are of very fine light. With A”k is no aspect of “Zachor” or “Nakavah”. Also with Atik of Atzilut is no “Zachor” and “Nakavah” only face and back. Keter of Arich is Zachor, Chuchmah of Arich is Nakavah. Zachor and Nakavah do find their source in ע”ב Chuchmah and ס”ג Binna of A”k. These give birth to מ”ה of A”k. The “penimi” and “Atzmut” of A”k we do not have permission of discuss or to be occupied in. Only what He eminates flowing through wholes and windows. These being the Ears , Eyes, nose, mouth and other parts of the head of A”k. In Ayn Soff and A”k there is no form at all. The Vessels of Atzilut have no limit or Measure, not a physical one. Their only restrictions are according to intellect. Before there was eminated A'”k there was Nothing. There was no aspect of time. The sefirot of Atzilut are above “sedar Zamanim” (order of times). The sefirot themselves do not have the Existance of time “mammash”. Ketter is The Torah before creation of the world. This is Z”a. The 2000 years before creation are Abba and Imma.1 From Yosher of A”k went our many lights going out from the ears,nose, mouth. Lights of the mouth of A”k are called “olam Akudim” (Malchut A”k). These are the lights of “yosher” alone, they do not have a aspect of “Iggulim”. There are lights from the eyes of A”k called “Akudim” these do have aspects of “Yosher” and “Iggulim”. These lights stand from the back of A”k until the feet and are called Nh”y A”k. (Light of the eyes of A”k is Chuchmah its ע”ב of A”k, but at the feet its Nh”y from chuchmah of A”k)2


Botzina kardinutah” (the shining lantern of darkness) measures the flow of light, there comes out from it a line, a hidden spark, it is like this ם, at first it is a closed מם. A the line comes forth from it which is a ו by measurement it is opened and made into a בּ. And this is בראשית. (Tikunim)

1. 1Shomer Emunim p.36,37,41,71,73,77,80,99,123

1. 2Arba Maod Shekel Kassef p.19

October 24, 2008, 4:23 am
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God Creates, You create-Partners in Creation
October 24, 2008, 4:19 am
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The creation of a imperfect world from the perfect non material nature of the Creator. To create finite from the infinite requires a ‘radical step’.

Before the contraction of the Divine Light, the creation would be nullified unable to have a (separate) existence of its own. After this contraction was made then the Infinite Light of the Creator could be drawn down and bestowed on the creations, without there ‘being’ totally nullified out of existence. By the contraction, the removal of the light of the Holy One a tracing of light was left from the contraction. This allows the basis for a imperfect reality to appear. This being the source of all evil defects in reality. This was all created from the Blessed one’s perfection. This is the root of the worlds essence and stages of nanhaga (guiding powers).

This initial contraction of the Infinite Light created a place where the Creator through a Kav (beam) of His of Light could bestow blessing of his light upon the creations. This Kav of light is the vivifying force to the creations, and the source of division in existence into large numbers (varieties of varying qualities). Now this light could be , as before all was only the Infinite Light. So without the contraction, to put the Light of the Kav in the Infinite Light would be as putting water in a pool. This water would loose its individual identity, becoming part of the rest of the water. But here by the contraction creating a empty space A gleam of light of the Kav has a place to shine independently.

Before the contraction there was no way for vessels to interact with lights as the Light of the Holy One dominated all, leaving the vessels concealed as only potential in the great light. It was necessary to allow there to be interaction between the vessels and the light so that goodness could be bestowed on the creations.

The need of the Kav of light to find a place to Shine, is a phenomena found in all levels of the creation. From the individual needing to “shine his own Kav” , being the light of his soul. Finding His place in the world. To the interactions of Nations. Each needing to shine their Kav of inner illumination. Their purpose in the world. To the soul of the planet itself trying to express its needs in existence.

With this we can see that the Kav is pure and without fault (Light of the soul), but as said before the reshimu (tracing of light left after the initial contraction of the Creator’s Light), or with the individual the vessels for the expression of his soul. The way one finds to express the will of the Kav of Light of his soul through his body. Its speech, actions and thoughts. These are all product of this reshimu they are all limited and prone to imperfection. In these things one must take care.

Through Torah and Mitzvot we draw down from the Kav of Light great illumination from the Ayn-Sof. The Infiniteness of God to absolutely and completely fill the empty space created by the Holy One’s contraction. So that the place will be filled as before the contraction. And there is a complete coupling of the perfected Ruach (emotional soul) with the Nefesh (the animal soul in the Blood). And likewise such a correction shinning through the Shechinah in all levels of creation. With all the broken vessels repaired, as the sitra achra is separated leaving completely. With rising of the feminine waters the concealed sparks of Divinity become revealed. Yielding the shinning of a new Light as all returns to its former state. In that day shall peace flourish as the inwardness of the Divine name shall become revealed from our righteous Mashiach as all the nations shall flock to Him as in Him is contained the Mystery of the Divine name as discussed in the Holy Zohar. And then shall the wind come and the ways of the Torah will be known to a man in the world, and they shall watch over him and talk to him. These will have everlasting life.

   We are as slaves, servants of the God. A slave is humble as he is owned by his master and all that he owns is his master’s possession but a slave  still has a personal identity. With this sense of servitude to the Almighty, one can became a receptacle for a Godly success in every way, and the Holy One, blessed be He will have one prosper in all that they do!

October 23, 2008, 9:08 am
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The work of Creation-Now

The main purpose of creation is to serve Hashem (God) with our hearts souls and money, and there will be

delight. Sons of faith who arrouse good and don’t hold back their money wrongly

as they know Hashem will give them more. They set blessings in motion and blessings are set likewise before them. Know blessings those revealed and those concealed are from מהותו(Divine essense). Love will arise in thought and by the contraction the “tzimzum” of the light of thought a place is made for Hashem to create the world. The world is always being created. Hashem attaches a good thought to action. Everything you thought of for the sake of your master He fulfills through you. You will not go from him forever, but will remain in His image in everything. You will be concealed from men in the time of exile.  In the future the world will be fortified by the arousing of delight from the Nashamot (souls) of Yisrael. “Tzimzum” is from the central point, which is the source of Divine will. Causing love in Yisrael. Pushing on the flesh to set limits. The essence of “Tzizum” is first made only in thought. The main thing in the continual creation of the world is the setting of restraints to flow, limits, and the love which motivates the flesh. A supernal love is recognized only from thought, and is called אמרה(speech) in the heart.1 At times chassadim (forces of Gods Giving) descend from above. Then it is possible to clean out the chitzonim (other side), the enemy from there. They decend dressing in givurah and zimzum. By this is completed his kindness to a man by his actions measure for measure. By this there is separated from him all inequity.1

How is this “tzizum” (contraction of Light) manifest ?

In the beginning and every moment. Water (Torah-creative light) goes out through holes in the “mesach” (screen-filter) of “tzizum” (contraction of Light) to create and sustain the world. It states ” Ruach Elokim moves on the face of the waters” This is refering to “ruach Elokim” going out of tzimzum בwhich is called “thum” (The depth) and  reaching until near the “mesach” of “tzimzum א” called  “bohu”. Then tzimzum בincludes tzimzum אwithin itself. This Ruach revealed through tzizum ב is called קול(voice).The pillar of ruling of the “mesach” of “tzimzum א” is called Malchut and אפר(dust ).1

On a more personal level. There are 2 aspects to hair, of the head and beard. There are allusions to “Nanhaga” (Divine guidance) upon a man seen in his face and the hair of his beard. In his beard is 13 “signs” illuding to the 13 “tikuney dikna” (conduits of light). There are Names of א”ל in the Peot. There are Names א”ל in the seventh “tikun” (rectification) of the beard, which is the two cheeks, known as “ two holy apples” There are the 370 lights that shine from the face of Arich Anpin, corresponding to the two “miloy” (spelled out) Names א”ל there.  In the beard descends nourishment from the brain. 

The light that flows from the beard in the hairs is called “mazel”,

because it drips drop by drop.

    From one’s hair can be known something of their thoughts. All these things are greatly hidden. It all comes from Keter in hidden in “tzimzum” below.

Ner Yisrael p.59,Safer HaKanah,Sulam on Zohar Trumah p.159a, Zohar Bahar p.110b Avodat Yisrael p.49Sulam on Zohar Mishpotim p.66 (#a1505),Barashit p.37,Avodat Yisrael p.1

October 22, 2008, 6:40 pm
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Change that yields limitless bounty
October 22, 2008, 6:24 pm
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Know that compassion pushes away depression.

Sometimes it is necessary to brake our nature not just guide it. If we brake our will for His will. He will do the same for us from His infinite Mercy. Blessings come to us from the Will of God. When we change our nature so as to fulfill His will, He can even change nature itself so as to bless us with his infinite bounty. When a person does kindness in a selfless way not imposing restrictions, the blessings they evoke will be limitless from God’s boundless sea of blessings. In a sense one must dissolve themselves to become part of the great whole. Worldly blessings are planted by good deeds. Virtue protects your blessings. Don’t be concerned about the blessings you going to get. Know nature is perpetually changing. God never changes and is everlasting. So its best for us many times to change our attitude. Challenging external situations at times require us to change our attitudes. When we do his will we can receive all blessings that exist in his will. Then you will have power to bless others.  There should be purpose to all our actions. This purpose is to always be involved in the ultimate fulfillment of His will. This is the way of the universe. One must adapt themselves so that in any environment they can attach their mind to that which is most profound. God has certain rules by which he has made this world and by which it operates. Water only runs down hill, unless he rules otherwise. These rules are his will. By following in His way, that which is “tied up” preventing flow of Divine abundance becomes untangled. The dirt on our souls is cleansed away. Lights separated become merged giving life. All things reach harmony as is proper. Then one can suddenly reveal the light of their soul. That was not seen before. The virtue of the righteous person is this wholeness. He doesn’t separate himself but lives merging himself in this universal Wholeness of God. Wholeness of life. He embraces this oneness. When one is one with God, God is one with them. By this all things benefit. Then all will once again will be united the way it should be with God. This is all obscure, yet it is the greatest clarity. You will be able to sense it, when all is right. In our world of limitations, paradoxes contradict and seem to exclude each other. In a place beyond limits they co-exist in harmony without any qualms. It is said “You can’t dance at two weddings”, unless you can be in two places at the same time. ‘Above’ concerns Providence. ‘Below’ is the realm of free choice. One who is connected to God in the upper worlds while still in this world can do this. This all links with the concept of making Divine providence. According to one’s closeness to God, their personal refinement the rules over the whole system and over you in particular change. As the powers and responsibilities of the king’s son differs from that of the palace janitor or one who has no place in the palace at all. Do his will and you will be blessed you will be a winner. You can live a spiritual life free of guilt with all of God’s blessings including healing when needed of your body and soul, wisdom, prosperity, forgiveness and all the wonders we pray for each day. His rules are the formula for true life. Since life was created for the sake of its potential to achieve closeness to God. When man can no longer live for that potential. His life is taken from him. A person who doesn’t want to get up in the morning. If this desire is strong enough he just dies. One must live a life of purpose. Ambivalence ranks high on the self-sabotage scale. This is usually due to a lack of vision a lack of purpose, and the secret desire to let others do and decide things for you. You need always to actively be in control of your life. Its outcome should not be left up to chance. One should always be growing, never becoming stagnant. Growth should be ecstatic, not something routine. You should jump into it. Be the architect of your life its imaginative engineer. One should always be striving to reach a higher level. Achieving greater completion, happiness and inner peace. Refining one’s inner vision is a process of unfolding. It is good to cultivate the disciplines of moderation and self restraint.

Its good to bring people good tiding, then good news will come back to you. One should say what they mean and mean what they say. Truth has no friends, but it is what it is. Based upon truth a person must stand firm as a cedar, even if at times one needs to be flexible as a reed. A living man is flexible and warm. Its a dead person who is rigid, stiff and cold. Which do you want to be ?

October 20, 2008, 1:00 pm
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