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Aliens and other entities
October 28, 2008, 6:34 am
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The sons of G-d saw that the daughters of man were good, and they

took themselves wives from whomever they chose… the Nefilim (fallen ones)

were on the earth in those days…” ( The Genesis 6:2, 4)

Who are these “sons of G-d” (Benei Elohim) ? There exists in Torah a sacred tradition

that has been recorded centuries ago that these “sons of G-d” is a secret matter.

To identify these “sons of G-d” we only need to turn to the Bible. The very

same Hebrew term “Benei Elohim” is used in the Book of Job, where it states, “upon a day, the sons of G-d came to present themselves before God.” (1:6) The day in question has

traditionally been understood as Rosh HaShana. The sons of G-d here are clearly the race of entities we have come to call angels. Indeed the Talmud in Chagigah lists the “Benei Elohim” as one of the ten races of angels. The Zohar (1:23a; 1:25a; ZH Ruth 99a) goes even further explaining this,and also the ancient Sefer Hanokh (Enoch 7), which is one of the most ancient and intact sources of Torah known to us, the identity of these angels and their story is revealed. According to these most ancient of sources there was a band of angels, Benei Elohim, who stood by at the original creation of Adam and resisted his creation and the authority given to him by G-d. They complained to G-d saying “why should Adam be given so much authority and

power over them seeing that he is destined to come to Earth, sin and fall.” G-d replies to these angels that if they were ever to descend to Earth, their fall would be even worse (Zohar 1:9b, 37a). Such is the power of physical incarnation here on Earth. Two leading angels, Aza and Azael gathered together a band of two hundred of their brothers and together made a vow that they would descend to Earth to prove that they unlike Adam could and would resist Earthly living and

physical temptations, thus proving themselves to be superior. Their descent to Earth is what is

recorded in Genesis 6 (1:23a; 1:25a; ZH Ruth 99a). Enoch 7 tells a similar story. these fallen angels were proven wrong. Once they came to Earth they were overcome by physical sexual desires, which was a totally new and unknown sensation for them. Like Adam and Eve before them, they fell.

The children of these mix-breed entities were not fully human and not fully angelic.

They are the source for the myths and legends of the ancient world. We find stories of super human and unusual creatures in the ancient traditions of many nations.

There were many kinds of entities in ancient days on this earth as it says in the bible there were Nefilim (fallen ones), sons of God, mighty men of old, Giants and men of Name. Some were angels completely non-physical spiritual entities, being totally incorporeal. Others were angels who have a sense of corporeality to them.

The late Rabbi Aharon Soloveitchik of Chicago said that these Benei Elohim spoken of in Genesis 6 were actually very physical, humanoid extraterrestrials, who came to Earth. This is quoted from a 9th century text. They became trapped here, not being able to return home in another dimension or possibly on another planet in this dimension. They mingled their genetics with human genetics. This polluted the human gene pool. The reaction from Heaven was swift and harsh. A comprehensive cleansing was needed. The flood soon followed.

Did the ancients have an extraterrestrial connection, one that led to their ultimate destruction? Not only Torah sources suggest this; there are many parallel stories told throughout the world. There is much about our past we don’t know about today. Maybe our ancient and forgotten past is coming back to haunt us ? Modern stories of UFO’s, extraterrestrial encounters, technological advancements supposedly reversed engineered from captured (or received) alien technologies, alien abductions and secret government conspiracies all are Popularly believed and denied by all official sources.

These fallen angels taught humanity what the literature calls treasures of wisdom (Enoch 8). When one reviews the list of the subjects that the fallen angels taught to humanity, we today would call these subjects technology. They referred to these technologies by the Hebrew term “Kishufim” (Zohar 1:126b), which today we translate as witchcraft or magic. Evidence of their powers can still be seen by what they left for us as Pyramid structures built of huge stones all over the world and the Stones in the western wall weighing Tons. How else could they be moved ?

It is known from what is written in the Zohar, that the Egyptians made use of various types of spells and magic, which they accessed by manipulating the powers of impurity, in order to enslave the Jews, that even a single slave could not escape from there.


We will be seeing again intervention by Heavenly Beings. Only this time,

the intervention will be that of Mashiah and his armada of angels (Zech. 14:5).

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Very interesting article.

Here are some websites that discuss ancient vamanas and a war between nations. The ancients appeared to have aircraft, atomic bombs, laser weapons, anti-gravity capabilities, and interstellar spaceships as much as ten thousand years ago.


How do you think that these stories fit in with the flight taken by Enoch, the Nefilim, and the visions of Ezekiel?

Thank you

Comment by David of Hawaii

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