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Thank God-the news you didn’t hear
October 16, 2008, 6:56 pm
Filed under: aretz israel, political satire, small news


WITH ISRAEL). Some of you may have heard about the radiological bomb that

Somalian Pirates by chance came upon. The facts are that the Somali Pirates took

hold of an Iranian chartered ship thinking they could hold it for ransom. Instead,

over twenty Somali Pirates died from radiological poisoning. What they did was

thwart the expected Hezbollah/Iranian attack on Israel’s coast which was meant as a

precursor to full-blown war as well as a way to keep Israel from being able to

attack Iran before the possible Obama administration comes into effect when there

will be no chance of attack as Obama is anti-Israeli. The bomb was a composite of

high explosives packed with fine grain powder that is highly radiological. When

the bomb went off near Israel, the dust would cover the coastal cities disrupting

life in Isarel as we know it for some time right at Yom Kippur. n expectation of a

counter attack, Iran’s friends, the Hezbollah and Syria were prepared for all-out

war. Instead, it did not happen. We must now await what comes


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