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October 8, 2008, 11:15 am
Filed under: The Temple, Yom Kippor

Its stated in the Talmud Bava Basra Yisrael had no festive days as great and joyous as Yom Kippor, when forgiveness and pardon for Transgression is Given.

The Sata’n has the numerical value of 364, corresponding to 364 days of the year that the Holy One allows him to put difficulties in a mans path. Only on one day is his power restricted, and that day is Yom Kipor.

It is concerning that day that Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi says in the Holy Zohar that this day saves them from falling into the wrong hands, and being judged with rigor. So that all can come out innocent on the earth through his mercy. Which is like a Father to his children.

All depends on actions and words

It is also stated in the Zohar that when Yisrael are in exile if they pray all day on Yom Kippor then radiance of face and perfect Joy prevails. Yisrael enters into freedom on that day. Freedom and joy reign manifestly.

Silver is the color of Atonement.

The Cohen Gadol’s sin offering is a bull. Only a small part is offered on the alter. This represents his Physical part. Most of the Cohen Gadol is beyond the physical. He also offers up a ram that is completely burnt on the alter. This corresponds to his complete devotion to God. If a Cohen Gadol was not on such a level he would die on this day. They would have to drag him by the rope out of the Holy of Hollies where he would fall dead. For the rest of the people who are full of many fundamental faults A goat is taken outside the temple completely, and killed. As the opposite of the Cohen Gadol their lives are mostly outside the Holy realm.

In the Temple no one wore shoes, all were barefoot. On Yom Kippor You can come before the Holy One like one of the ministering Angels in heaven Barefoot (at other times its forbidden to pray with out shoes without food or drink in peace !

Happy feasting fasting and feasting and Visions……………………………

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