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The Deep stuff

Z’a is called Torah Nakavah is called Mitzvot.1 Torah is given from Yesod Abba after it comes out of the Yesod of Imma from the chest of Z’a. Torah went out of the upper “yesodot” of Atik and Arich which dress to the Yesod of Abba, which dresses in the lights of the Yesod of Imma. All this then dresses in the Yesod of Z’a.2 The Yesod of Z’a is called חי.3 “Atz Chyim” is Z’a “Atz Dat Tov and Rah” is Nakavah.4  Merit of Malchut is house of Z’a.5 The unification of Leah and Z’a draws chuchmah and Bina of Dat revealing the first 3 sefirot of Chuchmah.6 Of the nefesh, ruach and nashama of the Nefesh Malchut is nefesh of nefesh, the left side of Z’a is Ruach and the right side of Z’a is the nashama of the Nefesh. Concerning the Ruach, Yesoi’t of the ruach is the nefesh. Binna of the ruach is the Ruach, and Chuchmah of ruach is the Nashama  Yesod is called Yaakov and Rachel. The yesod of מ”ה is Yaakov, the Yesod of ב”ן is Rachel.7 The 10 sefirot of Malchut of Yesoi’t dress up on the Nrnc”y of the Nefesh. Dressing first to the Liver, then spread to the “giddim”. After 9 months of “ibor”. Then to the Ruach in its “chitzon vessel of the heart. Flow spreads to עורקין (nerves) in beats according to Nh”y flow now reaching to the middle vessel. After flow dresses to the external vessel “chitzon” vessel of the brain. From there spreads to the White “gidim” in Nh”y of “penimi” vessel of Z’a.8 Abba and Imma are face to face, Zu’n is not like this. As each Z’a and Nakavah have each their own Crown9 Rachel is “rosh Tevot”    sin crouches at the door10  When Zu’n are face to face the heels of Leah are not in Keter Rachel. Lights go out from Leah to Ketter Rachel from there uzz”a and azea”l draw flow. I n the future this drawing will be nullified, may it be quickly in our days.

           Z’a of Atzilut arrouses tikun in Yetzera. Work in Asiyah arrouses tikun in Malchut of Atzilut. (mitzvot done with perfect details in their performance arouse the Shechina of Malchut of Atzilut) Imma of Atzilut arrouses tikun of Bria. The tikun of Atzilut  by Abba arrouses the “dikna” of “mazel” of Arich. (Chuchmah changes “mazel”)11 “Mazel” spreads out from the zivug of Chuchmah and Bina.12 Z’a Stands on the right with 5 chassadim and Nakavah on the left with 5 Givurot as “hagana” (guiding power). The Chaba’d of Z’a is from Abba and Imma except when there is needed special “mochin” of Arich. In the world of Tikun is ” ibor yonika and yoled “. There is only the aspects of “ibor,Yonika and mochin” in Zu”n and not the other Parzufim.13 In these states during “ibor”- which reveals nefesh this is when Z’a recieves “mochin” from Nhy of Nh”y of Imma. The 6 corners of Z’a in the time of  “ibor” are called vessels. “Ibor” is “chitzon”.  “Yonika”  reveals ruach,Nh”y of Chagat of Imma. It also reveals Leah. “Yonika” is א מ צ ע א (middle).  “Mochin” also called “yoled” and “gadlut” there is revealed Nashama  when Z’a recieves “mochin” from nh”y of Chabad of Imma. This is “penimi” “Zivug mochin” is “Nashikin” (kisses). These are levels of revelation of  Nefesh, ruach and Nashama in the Soul levels of Nefesh Ruach and Nashama (exp nefesh of nefesh, ruach of nefesh ect..).14 Always first there is “ibor” then “yonika” lasting 2 years and finally “Yoled” which is “mochin gadlut” till 13 years. This begins first in Nakava of Z’a of Asiyah. After in Z’a itself of Asiyah, then imma,Abba,Arich,Atik. Then we go through “ibor Yonika and Godlut” in Yetzera, Bria and Atzilut.15 There are 248 limbs in “ibor”, Yonika and Gadlut”. The 248 of “ibor” is the Achoryim of אלהי”ם ר (200). Its 15 letters with “collel”= 216.16  Through “yonika” is completed the 6 corners.17 The main Tikun of “yonika” is in fixing of Binna by spreading out of 32 אלהי”ם of Binna. “Moch Binna” fixes “moch Chuchmah” in the 32 paths (of Chuchmah) which are in Binna. In “yonika” and “gadlut” are 3 “mochin”, but in “ibor” is no revealed “dat”. (They say “no one really know the truth about spirituality”).18

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This is more of a question. Can Kaballa be used to bring harm to another, like witchcraft? If so what can be done to stop those who are bringing harm to a love one of yours utilizing it. We are told not to look into the mysteries but I know there has to be away through prayer
to stop the evil.

They seem to be using this as a formula for there curses or spells and are putting them not only upon adults but seem to some how be securing them by putting babies over the top of the curses or spells so they dont come back on them if it goes wrong.

Can you provide me with some input. They seem to be using every form of insect over the past 4 years along with demonic powers. At times people are knocked down by an invisible force. So I assume it is demonic as the Lords angels would never do such a thing.

They also cut these people in the middle of the night and various parts of their bodies have changed, like fingers, hair is cut off regularly and is even colored while in their sleep.

This isnt a prank email, please no it is serious.

There has been a dream seeing the one man following lines in the ground and turns of arrows and he wore a pilots uniform and carried a black bag and disappeared behind a black door?

Comment by Pattie

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