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The Guide part 8


  It is simple if one does not follow the advice of God from the Torah. Their soul will become ill, eventually even their body also becomes effected. As the body is a vessel to ones soul. Illness may be physical yet the physical symptoms have a spiritual source. Health is maintaining Balance. If one ignores their soul long enough they will fall ill. The remedy is in the Torah, though once one has came to the point of being physically ill, its remedy may not be so simple to identify. It is as if one has went on a road trip with out a map and finds themselves hundreds of miles from where they desire to be. Getting back, especially with out a map (being so far from the Torah may be difficult).

  In the Bible its written ” And you shall be to me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. ” This is a unique lifestyle.  Each nation has different gifts from God. Isreal was meant to be ” a kingdom of priests”. Its written a Gentile who fulfills Torah is as the “High Priest”. In Isreal only the “High Priest” can enter the Holy of Holies. But it was only Isreal that was given the mission to all mankind of being  ” a kingdom of priests”. Most of the Children of Isreal have not been living up to this standart. They dont even have a clue what this means.

  The “Cohen” (priest) makes and pursues peace. As its written above working toward making the world a “Happy commonwealth”. By this we will bring heaven down to earth. To these ends onleash your imagination to Divine inspiration and fulfill your purpose. By this you will come to make this world a better place and at the same time you will attach you soul to the ”Tree of Life” and reveal its light by you soul. While still in this world. You will behold wonders.  


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