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There are 5 parzufimof Atzilut. Each contains 5 parzufim. Each has 613 parts and is in the image of man. These parts include 248 limbs and 365 sinews. Each parzuf has 7 “Hachalot” (palaces). Each and every parzuf of A”k, Atzilut Bria Yetzera and Asiyah includes the parzufim called : Brain, Bone, Sinews, skin and parzuf Flesh. The 11 spices of incence coorespond to 11 gaps between the parzufim. Rabbi Yakov Abuchitzera teaches that there are 11 main sparks, curses, and spices in the incense and they correspond to Abba, imma, Yisrael Saba, Tevunah and the 7 sefirot of Zu’n of Bria Yetzera and Asyiah. 11 sefirot are 11 aspects of the kings who died. They are 7 from Zu”n and 4 from the back of Abba Imma and Yesoit. Rabbi Shalom Sharabi teaches מ”ה חדש went out to make tikun of All the parzufim of Atzilut cleansing Atzilut of Nikudot. Making klipa Noga of Atzilut (real soul food- חדש מ”ה made and makes the sparks rise) being The Nashama and its life force. Making Klipot Nogah of Bria of Good and Evil. So to in Yetzera and Asiyah. Purifying the 7 kings that died. They being ו”ה =11. As the “kidusha” in the klipa is devided into 11 aspects. These are 10 sefirot “penimi”, Being the Nashamot and the life force in them, And one “makiff ” upon them. Parralel to these are the 11 spice of Incense. All 10 of the sefirot is a complete parzuf except Teferet Dat and Yesod. Each of these includes 2 parzufim. So 9 sefirot are 12 parzufim. (Bina, Chuchmah, Dat-2 Chesed,Givurah,Teferet-2,Netzauch,Hod,Yesod-2) There multiplies on the face of the earth 12 פנים (faces), 12 Holy parzufim to the Nashamot. Each parzuf is made of all 5 making a total of 25 parzufim. Each of these 25 pazufim is made of 5 parzufim making a total of 125. All Parzufim of Bria, Yetzera and Asiyah go out of Zu’n of Atzilut. The 5 parzufim in Bria are as in Atzilut except Arich and Abba of Bria have only 6 corners, but Imma in Bria is a complete parzuf of 10 sefirot, She has only one “makiff”. Z”a of Bria has 2 “makiff”. In Yetzera Arich and Abba are in the aspect of only 3 sefirot on 3 sefirot . Imma, Teferet and Malchut of Yetzera each have only 6 corners. Imma of Yetzera has no “makiff”, Tereret has one “makiff,and Nakavah has 2. In Asiyah Abba is only a small point, but Arich is 3 sefirot included in 3 as the rest of the sefirot of Asiyah except Abba. This is becouse in Asiyah Arich is the middle pillar. All the parzufim must be refined as they are made of vessels and sparks of the 7 kings of “Olam Nikudim” that shattered to 320 aspects. Atzilut is shut in the “reshimu”. The world is according to vessels and not lights. From Yesod is the aspect of the body, inside is the soul. A”k of Atzilut, Bria, Yetzera and Asiyah is the tip of the י of 4 י ה ו “ ה. There are names of י ה ו “ ה in Binna, Z’a and Nakavah. They are drawn from א ל ה י “ ם . Every י ה ו “ ה is the aspect of eyes. This is the idea of round letters. ע”ב of A”k is from the head to the foot. ס”ג of A”k includes till the tammimand ears of A”k. Cooresponding to these makiff lights from the right ear of A”k, there goes out 10 lights penimi from the left ear of A”k. After there goes out from the nose of A”k lights dressing close and going out till swallowed in the beard of A”k. They are vessels but do not come together perfectly as a small חלל (empty space) is between them. These are the chitzon tammim of ס”ג of A”k are included in the יוד of יהו”ה. The middle tammim of ס”ג of A”k go out of the first ה”י of יהו”ה. They go out of the wholes of the nose revealing 10 sefirot penimi and makiff and the 6 below. 2 וא”ו of 2 ה are 2 sides of the nose, and a א is between making together a וא”ו. Light from the left nostril makes chaga”t of Zu”n (of A”k) a vessel of Chuchmah of aor makiff . ע”ב make changes through ס”ג from the ears of A”k. The Tammim of ע”ב of A”k go out the hair of A”k. Lights going out of the hair of A”k we have no permission to discuss. From the light of ס”ג of A”k there goes out the lights of the beard, ears,nose and mouth. ס”ג of A”k is from the ear to the belly. Lights of the mouth and nose are swallowed in the beard. Below on the left until the chest is made a chitzon vessel of ד of the back and this cooresponds to the makiff of the right. These are 7 vessels of Aor chozir. These are the 10 sefirot of nikudot (of A”k) called “rashut rabim”. They are in the aspect of iggulim alone. Each is separate from the other except the first 3 sefirot. The chitzon are more זך than the penimi.The nikudot of A”k stand between the belly and penimi. From the right ear of A”k goes out Aor Yashar alone, this Makif is bound with ה”י. This is the source of the 5 future Parzufim(all this is in A”k, before there emination). As 10 is the form ד”ו which is (form of) ה. These are 10 lights going out. מ”ה and ב “ ן of A”k dress to ס”ג and the tammim of A”K. Till the belly of A”k these are internal lights After tikun the source of ב “ ן is in Nakavah of A”k. From the Yesod of A”k goes a drop of “mym duchrin”, which is the secret of the name מ “ ה . מ”ה is the Yesod of “duchrah”. מ”ה goes out of the forehead of A”k. This is the idea of dominance of the Nashama. The Shomer Emunim, R. Argosi teaches that the essence of Godliness is ת פ ש ו (simple) It is not separated from Atzilut, as it is not divided.into portions. The Keter of A”k is א ח ד ו ת פ ש ו ת (simple unity). It has no relationship with any Divine names written in the Torah. Out of it unfolds a multitude of aspects. Keter of A”k is a vessel of Ayn Sof. It is as the parchment of the Torah is written on before any letters are inscribed. A”k is before all eminations. From the 10 sefirot of A”k are eminated 10 sefirot of Atzilut. The sefirot of A”k and Atzilut are all renewed completely. Its as lighting one candle as another. “kav Yosher” dresses in A”K. Light decends from A”k to Atzilut. There is a portion of Ayn Soff in A”k and not by “histosholut” (gadual unfolding), but only the Ayn Soff has power to create “yash-miAyin”. The Ayn Soff renews Atzilut, but to the Ayn Soff there is no changes or renewal. Ayn Sof is ר צ ו ן (will). A”k does have the aspect of vessels but they are of very fine light. With A”k is no aspect of “Zachor” or “Nakavah”. Also with Atik of Atzilut is no “Zachor” and “Nakavah” only face and back. Keter of Arich is Zachor, Chuchmah of Arich is Nakavah. Zachor and Nakavah do find their source in ע”ב Chuchmah and ס”ג Binna of A”k. These give birth to מ ” ה of A”k. The “penimi” and “Atzmut” of A”k we do not have permission of discuss or to be occupied in. Only what He eminates flowing through wholes and windows. These being the Ears , Eyes, nose, mouth and other parts of the head of A”k. In Ayn Soff and A”k there is no form at all. The Vessels of Atzilut have no limit or Measure, not a physical one. Their only restrictions are according to intellect. Before there was eminated A'”k there was Nothing. There was no aspect of ז מ ן (time). The sefirot of Atzilut are above “sedar Zamanim” (order of times). The sefirot themselves do not have the Existance of time “mammash”. Ketter is The Torah before creation of the world. This is Z”a. The 2000 years before creation are Abba and Imma. The light of Ketter in its source its face above and the rest of its lights in the secret of וא”ו it returns and spreads in the vessel of Keter in the aspect of mati lo mati (reaching down and not reaching). The lights enter and trace. This is the יוד which is male that dresses in the light of Chuchmah of the וא”ו in the meloy of the יוד is Nakavah. From the light that fell between them a vessel was made. Binna has י”ה as the meloy of יוד itself has Zachor and Nakavah. It does not include a vessel. Its order is like this

(female) דלת (Son of light)  וא”ו  (male) יוד . Like this (meloy) there is one vessel and in it are portions to every sefira, but the ד of the ה is divided to 14,000 years. From the Mouth and below is penimi of A”k. The form of דלת וא”ו יוד alludes to light standing to the right of the mouth. 2 forms of דלת וא”ו יוד being the chitzon part of vessel and penimiare standing to the left of the mouth (A”k). They extend down to the belly this is half of Teferet of A”k. The main part of this light is before A”k, but it does spread and go up. The nature of this vessel is switched to opposite , face to back. This is Akudim. From Yosher of A”k went our many lights going out from the ears,nose, mouth. Lights of the mouth of A”k are called “olam Akudim” (Malchut A”k). These are the lights of “yosher” alone, they do not have a aspect of “Iggulim”. There are lights from the eyes of A”k called “Akudim” these do have aspects of “Yosher” and “Iggulim”. These lights stand from the back of A”k until the feet and are called Nh”y A”k. (Light of the eyes of A”k is Chuchmah its עב of A”k, but at the feet its Nh”y from chuchmah of A”k) After 2 lights go out of the mouth of A”k (being ע “ב and ס”ג). They dress in and go out till the chest. This is at 1/3 Teferet of A”k. There there are vessels but they do not join them. The lower “tammim” of ס “ג is the secret of וא”ו that goes out of the mouth that reveals the 10 sefirot penimi and makiff of Akudim united. They are in one vessel. This vessel is from the 0 sefirot pennimi in the mouth of A”k, being malchut. In all these aspects of Malchut there goes out a light of one. First went out Malchut then went out Yesod till chesed adding power to נפשם that go out in the Yesod. These are all called Z’a after went out imma then chuchmah called Aba , them Keter called Arich. The י spreads out these lights called Malchut. All these 5 parzufim only have the aspect of Nefesh. Above them to the master of Nefesh is added Ruach, then Nashmah, Chayah until reaching Yechida. Then there illuminates 5 (parzuf) in Nakavah 4 in Z”a 3 in Imma 2 in Abba and 1 in Arich. All are Aor penimi. Here Zu’n stands face to face, Abba and Imma are lacking so are back to back. From the ה of the name light goes up in the mouth of A”k rising to its source, giving a correct portion to the Malchut is one י ה ו “ ה , its brain י is ע “ב. Its ה is the ear of A”k and reaches till the feet, it is ס “ג.. The ו is מ “ ה and goes out of the forehead of Ak. The final ה is ב”ן and is “Nikudim”. from אור חדש (new light) “penimi” of ב”ן goes out of breath from the belly. This is nikud cholum. From yesod goes out shurook to illuminate Chuchmah and Bina. The light of the eyes of A”k is revealed in the world of “nikudim” which is from the Belly of A”k and below. At the belly is מ “ה of A’k this is the ג “ר of Nikudim. ב”ן of A”k is the 6 corners of Nikudim. Then this light is channeled through the 8 dikna of the beard. The vessels that broke were from the eyes of A”k. Rabbi Shalom Sharrabi teaches that The “kav Yashar” dresses in Chuchmah and Binna of A’k through the parzufim. Including all parzufim until Malchut of Atzilut. Where there is made a מסך (screen-filter) that forms Atik of Bria. All parzufim of Bria receive from Binna of A’k, and Binna of Atzilut. This is Binna possessing in the Thrown. The lights decend throught the Parzufim dressing until Malchut of Bria where there is made a 2nd מסך. Z’a of A’k, Atzilut and Bria decend through the מסך to make Atik of Yetzera and all 5 parzufim of Yetzera. A 3rd מסך is made from Malchut of A’k, Atzilut , Bria, Yetzera. Through this מסך decends the 7 lower lights of Malchut of Yetzera which makes Atik of Asiyah and all 5 parzufim of Asiyah. This is the idea of Malchut possessing in a אופן . All 5 Parzufim of Atzilut is only the aspect of “6 corners” compared to A’k, being all from מ “ה of A’k and below (Atzilut is from the yichud of Abba and Imma of A”k, it is Z”a of A”k) . The 5 parzufim of A”k draw light of Ayn Soff for the parzufim of Atzilut.The Ayn sof illuminates until the first 3 sefirot of Yesoi”t. יהו”ה ה”אל is Arich Abba and Imma. Zu”n rises by tikun in Abba and Imma in By”a parzuf in parzuf. After tikun by Abba and Imma Zu’n rises to tikun in Arich. By this way is made all purifications until reaching their place in A”k. The 5 parzufim of Atzilut then can receive flow from ע “ ב of A’k, this is called revelation of “mochin” called “chayah”. This is when the Nashamot of Saddekem rise up to the belly of Arich of Atzilut. The ruach can rise to Nakavah of Atzilut, and the Nefesh rises up to Briah. The parzuf of Nakavah called Rachel begins in the back of the chest of Z’a where there stands the conclusion of the Yesod of Imma in Z’a. 5 Chassadim spread in Z’a from the Yesod of Imma which is at his chest to below, as there is the place of revealed Chassadim. From here its possible for the Chitzon to seize so its called “Atz dat”(This is the yesod of imma at the chest of Z”a-Atz Dat). Chassadim are dat of Z”a.


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