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July 20, 2008, 10:24 am
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This ancient prayer Known as the Ana b’Koach, was composed by Rav Nehunia Ben Hakannah who lived in about 200 Bce., He composed the prayer but the 42 letter Divine name it encodes is from much earlier. This is the most powerful meditation to push off Evil, to work it requires all one’s mind in all one’s heart. In it are hidden 7 Divine names made of a total of 42 letters hidden in the words of the work of creation in the beginning of the Bible. Many miracles  have been worked with this.  It is a revelation thousands of years old. Each of the seven sentences correspond to one of the seven days of the week,  specific angels, and channel their energy down through  a particular heavenly body influencing its celestial influence. The letters that make up the 42 letter name encoded in Ana b’Koach are rooted in the first 42 letters of the book of Genesis, but it is derived from various  transformations of these letters as explained in Safer Paliyah and Pardes Remonim. This combination of letters in this 42 letter name connect our souls and the world through us by its invocation  back to the original forces at the time of Creation. Fill yourself and the world with NEW LIGHTS !

More of its secret will be revealed later, there is much to say

Here it is in English

Ana Bekoach Prayer

1. Please, with the might of your right, untie the bound:
2. Accept your people’s prayer song, heighten, purify us, awesome one:
3. Please mighty One,guard as the apple of your eye those who seek your oneness
4. Bless them purify them, your rightfulness mercies, always give:
5. Powerful, Holy, with your good will, guide your people:
6. Single, High Exalted One, turn to your people, who remember your holiness:
7. Accept our plead, and hear our cry, he who knows secret thoughts:
Blessed is the Glory of his kingdom for ever, and ever:


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