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The Ancient Way Part 1
June 29, 2008, 6:27 pm
Filed under: The Guide

Spiritual experience is what its all about that is where all the fun is at. Once you know God from real experience it’s a different world for you and everyone as we will learn.

   See from what is written above that the absolute truth of the Torah has been given to us along time ago at mount Sinai. This truth has been passed down generation to generation to Holy men who’s lives were dedicated to the preservation of the Torah’s wisdom . There is no way to add to this tradition and there is no legitimate way to change Divine rulings. Only one with a great lack of knowledge or a fool would think to do so, and there have been a few. History has shown the disastrous results of their foolishness.

  Do not waste your time being influenced by these fools who have stolen the truth of Torah from recent generations. Look and you will see. Look into the ancient teaching of the sages, the inheritors of the tradition of the Torah that they have left us in their writings ; the Mishna , Talmud, Midrash , commentaries on the Bible , ancient secrets of the Torah found in Kabballah, especially the book called the Zohar. By learning in these book you will come to know the SPIRIT which dwells with in them. You will come to KNOW GOD !   

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