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The Soul
June 25, 2008, 8:29 am
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updated Nov 5 2015


The levels of the soul – Nashama, Ruach and Nefesh coorespond to three levels of the body. The first three Sefirot correspond to the Nashama, to the   the head. Nashamot were created in the beginning one can’t change them or damage them. Our actions affect the levels below Nashama. The Nashama itself simply leaves a person at the time of sin. This is also the explanation of Karet (cut off) – the spiritual incision. being that the lower levels of the soul are cut off from Nashama. The next level – Ruach – corresponds  to the middle level of the body. We breathe through our lungs,  the meaning of the word Ruach is wind. The lowest level – Nefesh – corresponds to the lowest part of the body, below the diaphragm.  We work on it all our lives. It is thus taught that Ruach is riding on top of the Nefesh, like a rider on a horse. Some people have a hard time taming their “horse,” for they are born with many bad qualities from their previous incarnation, but if they succeed in the end, their reward is very great, and once one rectifies his Nefesh completely they can get revelation of their Ruach.

When Hashem created man He blew into him a קדישא רוחא (Holy Spirit) That contained 3 parts being man’s Nefesh, Ruach and Nashama. The Nashama is the force that wants to know and keep the commandments. The Nefesh, Ruach and Nashama are as one like Bina, Z’a and Malchut are one and they come from them. Elokim created man in his image. This is the creation of the Nashama from the כסא (thrown). Yetzera (formed) refers to the Ruach in Gan Aden and Asiyah (made) refers to the nefesh. Elokim made for them כתנות עור (covering of skin) refers to puting them in bodies. There is Nefesh (animal soul), Ruach (emotional) and Nashama (divine intellectual) from the worlds of Asiyah ,Yetzera and Bria. There is also the aspect of Nefesh, Ruach and Nashama from Malchut, Teferet and Binna of Atzilut. In Asiyah there are 5 parzufim of Nefesh. In Yetzera 5 of Ruach. In Bria are 5 parzufim of Nashama. (these being Nefesh,Ruach Nashama, Chayah and Yachida of the Nefesh of Asiyah,Nefesh,Ruach Nashama, Chayah and Yachida of the Ruach of Yetzera and Nefesh,Ruach Nashama, Chayah and Yachida of the Nashama of Bria) . The Nefesh is a ר ש י מ י ן (tracing) of light (that is left after light has been removed). The Ruach is מ צ ו י ר י ן (formed).The Nashama is מ ת ח קק י ן (carved). The levels of the soul are as a candle close to the wick is the Nefesh, the white light above is the Ruach, and the Nashama is the light surounding there that is barely discernible. One gets a Nefesh on entering the world, Ruach at 13 if he has good works, and Nashama at 20 if he has made complete tikun of Ruach.The Nefesh, Ruach and part of the Nashama are inner lights, While the Chayah and Yechida are “makiffim” (encircling). The Nefesh is Malchut.The ruach is Teferet. The Right pillar is the Nashama in Bria, the left pillar is the ruach in Yetzera, and the middle pillar is the Nefesh of Asiyah. Becouse the Ruach and the Nefesh are included together united the ruach is called left as it includes the Nefesh. The Nashama is right pillar “cholem”, Ruach is the left pillar “shuruk”, and the Nefesh is the central piller “Cheerek”. The Nefesh can not abide without the ruach. בשר (flesh) is לבוש (garment) to ינחיו רוח . The Nefesh will cooperate with the ruach only if the man ceases to make selfish gratification his goal in life. Only by the belief in a being outside of himself. Who more worthy of worship than one’s self, is one able to harness the Nefesh to the needs of their Ruach. Becouse the Nefesh and the Ruach are from Teferet and Malchut to them there is seizing of the yetzer hora and klipot. But the nashama is from Bina which is Holy. Bina does not have seizing of the chitzonim. The nashama does not have seizing of yetzer hora. The Nashama is needed to rise the Nefesh (intellect raises the animal soul), but if there is a lack to the Nefesh it can be fixed by the Ruach. (emotions can fix defects of the animal soul, so that it may recieve from the Nashama, Divine intellect) The Nashama is Binna. The Chayah is Chuchma. The Yechida if Keter. Men get their Nefesh Ruach and Nashama from Angels. The 10 “iggulim” (circular flow of sefirot, in nature) of Asiyah are called Ofanim (angels that use planets as bodies and guide astrology). Man gets his Nefesh from “ofanim”. After comes ruach from Yetzera, Nashama of Bria, which has 10 levels (source in the 10 sefirot) from 4 “Yesodot” (according to 4 elements).