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Wake up
June 10, 2008, 9:08 am
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                                       I’m talking to You                                         Bs”d

   There is a way to prevent the next 9-11, tidal wave and nuclear holocausts. It’s up to you.

 Things are not as they seem. The prime minister, presidents senators are not really in control. You are, we are. But we are asleep. We have been sleeping for generations, a sleep of forgetfulness.

                                                      Wake up

I’m calling you from the endless worlds, I’m calling you.

What we think, what we see is not what it is. Reality looks something like this :


  The Divine faces called Father and Mother are secret of the lock. Darkness of the face called Mother makes power to raise the manifestation of the Divine presence as it is now become closer to a perfect revelation according to Divine understanding.1   Yhv”h is the face called Father by Ahy”h  the face called mother hides the face called Father . The face called Father  is the secret of  Yhv”h  in direct light , drawing direct light. The face called Mother is the opposite aspect of Yhv”h  drawing returning light. There are 1000 years masculine and 1000 years feminine. “H” of the Name is the secret of feminine Divinity on wisdom with the power to create. This is the returning light on wisdom with the power to create..3 The expanded consciousness of the face called Father are 3 full spellings of the name Ahy”h.4  Quantity quality and the way of revelation of the face called father is in the Quantity quality and the way of revelation of the face called mother in head of the source of the “ruach”, emotional soul . There descends the Quantity quality and the way of revelation of the face called father  and  mother  until  it illuminates the 4 brains of the source of the “ruach”, emotional soul. This is the secret of the internal light. There are 3 brains of internal light  in the source of the “ruach”, emotional soul and a forth that shines continually as a surrounding light. Wisdom with the power to create and Divine understanding, powers of reasoning of  the source of the “ruach”, emotional soul  are the  secret  of drops that go out of kindness and restriction from the source of revelation of Divine will. (When the source of the “ruach”, emotional soul , does kindness. This is the kindness  of the source of the face of will of the God coming from the black light, the line of measurement”) 5

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  So you don’t understand, no one does as Divine wisdom is endless. Try to and you will be given your keys, to everything.

  We have forgotten our way home but here is the map. We must learn to read again, these are the streets of your neighborhood, our worlds.

 But know your house our world is on fire, its burning up. This is no illusion. How many bombs does it take to destroy the world ?

  You must begin by waking up and remembering the way home. How you are in charge of the ship of the world. A shipwreck is not necessary. We have been given the map, the charts we have almost all of them now. Our world does not have to be left in the hand of Demons to do as they please.

 It is time for you to stand up for our world, really do something. The hours are getting late.

 Here is the way to work in the intergalactic joint chief of staffs, the big board room in the sky, the council of the Angels above :


  The name Yhv”h it is not our custom to pronounce in its own letters. It rides on our voice. By this is built your relationship on the names. And this is the elevation of elevations. Becoming a master of the names and working in them. The way of the voice of Yhv”h that reveals its work. This is the elevation of elevation. It is closed and concealed, not revealed. If one becomes accustomed to pronounce it in its letters there is revelation of the markava (Divine chariot), but this is hidden. So it is not pronounced, but it is the power of ruling the highest elevation upon all the world of Atzilut (emanation). If it were pronounced it would rule all the sefirot that are comprehended, but this is not so. It rules all in a hidden way. But Ahy”h guards upon the Hosts so to guide showing revelation of the EmanaterPronounced shows concerning works that will be accomplished in the future, now and what has already passed. This thing cannot be comprehended at all, but it is a concealed thing.1  The internal aspect of Voice is not heard or revealed (by all), this is the great voice. It does not go out of inequity. “In my throat there goes out Yhv”h in silence”, it is fine and concealed.

1Aor Yakar Barashit Vol 2 p.176


 I can and want to show you the way. But know “ There is a road no simple highway between the dark and the light of night and if you go no one may follow as that path is for your steps alone” (GD)

  I can only show you the way to get there

      Please help !

  Hear Yisrael Yhv”h is Elohenu Yhv”h is One……………………

Hear world Yhv”h is Elohenu Yhv”h is One……………………

                                  We will talk again